Consultancy and Training

Consultancy and Training

  • we work with organizations team to build a business and innovation strategy in order to grow.
  • We work with organizations teams to build an innovation infrastructure, an environment that encourages the process, and a leadership team that puts innovation on the right path to results with national and international funds.
  • we work with organizations large and small to solve productivity and efficiency problems while at the same time developing their own people’s problem solving skills.

We always take place beside our clients during organizing, evolving and carrying to the future with our full support and expertise. Our main strategy is not only to provide guidance but also to start out and achieve together with our clients to make them adopt, apply and maintain the solutions we suggest from 1996.

Our Services : Our company aims to develop and improve client’s knowledge and experience at the level of national and international standards with professional cooperations for following services;

  • Consultancy
    1. Innovation Management
      1. Innovation capability assessment with IMProve Assesment
      2. Innovation strategy development
      3. Innovation project realization with international funds
    2. Strategy Management
      1. Business strategy development with balanced score card methodology
      2. Strategy implementation
    3. Management System standarts with international ISO standarts
      1. Quality Management System ISO-9000
      2. Information Securtiy management system – ISO-27001
      3. EnvironmentManagement System ISO-14001
      4. Ocupational Health and Safety System -OHSAS 18001
  • Training
    1. Innovation Management compentencies development
    2. Technical compentencies development

Our Expertise

INNOVATION Management : In the new economy, firms should develop innovated products and systems and sustain the transformations and developments in accordance with the market by using new methods and technologies. SİSTEM promotes innovative collaborations and helps to stimulate technology-intensive innovation between universities and business with local and international fundings

Firstly, we asses your innovation capability with IMProve method. The IMP³rove Assessment benchmarks the company against other companies in the defined benchmarked industry/sample. It discloses the gap between the Growth Champions, the average and the own company along the five dimensions. You can chose whether you would like to benchmark on a national or international level. You can also choose to benchmark against companies of the same size and age class as your company.

We develop your innovation strategy under business strategy with your team and we teach the techniques in order to generate brillant innovative ideas under innovation strategy. We design and start the innovation projects, neither waste your time to organize or train teams, nor do waste your time or efforts to realize the project. The synergy of collaboration of your existing staff with our experts’ knowledge and proficiency will accelerate your business.

STRATEGY Management: The efficiency and effectiveness of strategy management are based on the strategic plan, balanced score card and budgeting and performance management together with managerial support processes. We analyze all the strengths and weeakness of your organization and opportunities and threaths for your organization with your teams and we formulate your businness strategy for your sustainable growth.

MANAGEMENT System Standarts Implementation : Total Quality Management is accepted as a model / method of receiving the business (service and product) perfection in the world as well. In this universally accepted management model which can be utilized by public or private instutions or associations in their product or service supply such as ISO-9001Quality Management Systems, ISO-27001 Information Security Management system, ISO-14001 Environment Management Systems, OHSAS 18001 Business Health and Safety. Our experts who are very experienced in production and service sectors, will contribute to your efforts with their knowledge, experience and activities. Under the basic principles of continuous development, by providing the best solutions in accordance with the conditions of your business evironment and structure, they will work together with you for your success.


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