ENGLISH – Innovation Management Consultancy

We are serving national and international innovation management consulting and traning service since 1996.

We always take place beside our customers during analyzing,  set up, organizing, evolving and carrying out the Management Systems with our full support and expertise. We work considering the principles of analysing the situation and realizing the solutions rapidly, obtaining measurable, accurate and spectacular results, cooperating in the long run, secrecy, mutual confidence, absolute success and customer satisfaction. Our main strategy is not only to provide guidance but also to start out and achieve together with our customers to make them adopt, apply and maintain the solutions we suggest.

Our Consulating and Training Services

Innovation Management : We work with organizations teams to build an innovation infrastructure, an environment that encourages the process, and a leadership team that puts innovation on the right path to results with national and international funds.

Strategic Management : we work with organizations team to build a business and innovation strategy in order to grow

Productvity Management : we work with organizations large and small to solve productivity and efficiency problems while at the same time developing their own people’s problem solving skills.